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Originally Posted by delben91 View Post
So of the whole season you had zero moments of enjoyment that didn't involve Sale or Peavy starts?

Yowza, that's too bad.

I'm as bummed as the next fan about how this ended, but there were some really outstanding games this season and until the last two weeks I was really enjoying the ride.
Sorry, I guess still more venting/anger then once thought haha. I enjoyed plenty of moments this year. But what I was saying was (and I should have included Rios with Sale and Peavy), not many guys really felt like they WANTED IT. AJ had such an amazing 3/4 of the season, and then he just felt like he fell apart down the stretch. Tank had a blistering run, then nothing. Beckham showed brief flashes that he had that first round potential, then would be dreadful for extended periods again. I never want to see Gavin Floyd in a Sox uniform again. Between getting shelled all the time, and needing repeat time off for injuries that no one could find beyond general soreness, come on. Thornton was up and down, Konerko I give a pass too for his wrist, but it just all adds up to a collection of guys who did not have exciting years. Thats what I was trying to say
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