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I voted option #3: "We have a very small fanbase who will come, and a large bandwagon that is unpredictably inconsistent"

I'll be completely and totally honest. Let me state that what I'm about to type below is MY OPINION and may or may not necessarily be fact:

In a market as enormous as Chicago is, it gets EXTREMELY frustrating in my 20+ years as a Sox fan watching this team scrape the bottom of the barrel with it's lack of fan support.

We have a strong yet puny die-hard fanbase (most of which are members of this message board I would suspect) and a bunch of bandwagoners who only support the team when the weather is fair.

In a city and surrounding area the size of Chicago, there are no excuses for this team to be struggling for fans year in and year out.

You can go to the same old arguments all you want, the ownership regime sucks because they pulled the Sox off of free TV and they have the wrong economic philosophy as it pertains to attendance, ticket and parking prices are too high, the economy is bad etc. etc. etc. I say it's all bull****.

This team deserves better than what it gets from a fan perspective in the city of Chicago. Now, don't get me wrong I'm not saying the season ticket holders or fans on this message board are in the wrong because as I stated above, we are part of the die hard portion of the fanbase who bleeds white, black, and silver. But, alas we're in the minority...I've come to the reality that the White Sox fanbase is just too small.

It's extremely sad because there are more than enough current and potential sports fans in the White Sox market to spread the pie a little more evenly.

I've been a White Sox fan for as long as I can remember and I'd like to see what it's like just once....ONCE for MY team to operate like a true big market club and not like a middling or lower half team.

It's sad to me because I love the White Sox and I want so much better for them.

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