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Originally Posted by Lip Man 1 View Post
Miguel Cabrera's aren't available every day are there? (looking back you wonder if Kenny doesn't regret not completing the deal for Miggy because the Sox wouldn't pick up the tab for Wills...another 'what if' for the club)
Wait, wait, wait... There's no way anyone can actually believe the Marlins would have traded Cabrera to the Sox over the Tigers, right? Detroit gave up 2 Baseball America Top 10 prospects in Maybin and Miller (not just Tigers' Top 10... All of baseball Top 10) for Cabrera in addition to eating Dontrelle's contract. If the Sox had ever been rumored to be real players in those trade talks, it was obviously just a ruse by Florida to earn more leverage over the Tigers and force them to give up their two most coveted prospects and eat $40 M of Willis over 3 seasons. Should be clear by now that whatever offer the Sox may have had was never seriously considered.

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