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I agree with those who say the offense needs work. At times it produced but other times, like in late June / early July and of course the final weeks of the season it went right down the toilet.

The were among the best at RISP for the year (until the pressure was really turned on) they scored consistently according to the number of runs per game yet were still shut out 11 times and (so far) have had 66 games where they scored three runs or less (41% and change for the season).

The question is though, and it's a big one for Hahn, how can you get two or three guys who hit say .280 with power into your lineup?

Miguel Cabrera's aren't available every day are there? (looking back you wonder if Kenny doesn't regret not completing the deal for Miggy because the Sox wouldn't pick up the tab for Wills...another 'what if' for the club)

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