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Originally Posted by TaylorStSox View Post
AJ doesn't have a great OBP. Flowers has a good eye and good power. I think he can make up for the lack of contact with patience. The improvement defensively and in pitch calling will also help. Honestly, I don't want AJ calling pitches to a young staff on a rebuilding team. He's a hot head. I don't want him showing up young pitchers.

Bringing Thompson up would definitely be rushing him and a drop off from Rios, but I prefer to shed payroll.

Obviously, I'm talking about rebuilding. I don't see this team competing with returning the aging players and adding a couple FA's.
Yeah, that's the ticket, throw another unprepared minor leaguer to the wolves so the board can pocket millions...

"I like the way you think, Taylor."

For ****s sake aren't you "tear it all down" people the same ones constantly screaming about the Sox rushing prospects?

Someone post that huge eye rolling smilie puking up eye rolling smilies it's the only way to express my feelings on this matter and I don't have the link...

Riding shotgun on the Sox bandwagon since before there was an Internet...
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