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Originally Posted by TaylorStSox View Post
I'm tired of using band aids to close huge gashes. It's time to tear it down IMO. The core isn't good. PK's old and had a bad second half. AJ's old, can't call a game any more and is more suited to DH. Signing a 36 year old catcher after a career year is about as dumb a move as a team can make. Beckham's a disappointment. We're losing our number 2 starter and he's not that great anyway.

The FA market isn't good to begin with. Even if we had a ton of money to spend, we aren't an attractive destination right now. Even if we did attract a couple guys, it won't be enough to win big. We'll be back to being not quite good enough to get to the playoff's and too good to get a top draft slot.

It's time for a new era. Break it up and start over. We have a new GM and a young staff that would prefer to teach.
But if we dump PK and Rios you propose trading them for absolutely no one? I don't see how you can trade those two and maybe even Dunn and expect no players at all in return, but your proposed lineup doesn't show any...
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