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I'm going to go all crazy here and take the glass half-full approach, but looking just at the players on the roster signed through next season...

Rotation: Sale, Quintana, Danks, Floyd, Santiago/Axelrod? - Not bad at all. Will it light the world on fire? No, but you're basically trading Peavy for Danks and Humber/Liriano for Santiago/Axelrod. Not quite a push but not a dramatic drop off either.

Bullpen: Reed, Jones, Veal, Ommogrosso, ??? - Some valuable pieces there, with the 5th starter loser being the long man. Some holes to be sure, but there's talent there.

C - ??? I could see AJ coming back on a 2 year deal
1B - Konerko, with a healed wrist
2B - Beckham, what you see is what you get offensively, top notch defensively
SS - Ramirez, see 2B, but more potent offensively
3B - ??
RF - Rios, can he put two solid seasons together in a row?
CF - De Aza, excellent potential and quintessential leadoff man, can he stay healthy?
LF - Viciedo, better with a full pro season under his belt
DH - Dunn, I'm one that takes the power #s at the expense of batting average and strikeouts, but I know not everyone has that opinion

In short though, I think improvements with experience for those in bold above aren't out of the question. Which at least tells me we aren't seeing 100 loss teams on the horizon. The real issue is can the brass fill in the gaps with quality players to move them from a .500-ish team to a 90+ win team?

But no, I don't think a complete overhaul is needed, though I seem to be in the minority.
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