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Originally Posted by TaylorStSox View Post
1. There's no point in hanging on to AJ. He's bad defensively and I'm talking about a major overhaul of the roster. You might as well see what you have with Flowers. .240/20/70/.330 isn't out of the question and he's a good defender.
2. PK is a 10/5 guy. If he has no desire to move to a contender, it says a lot about him IMO.
3. Rios' contract really isn't bad if he produces to his career averages. I'm sure teams will be willing to eat his salary if he's producing like he did this year. He was a true 5 tool player. They're still rare.
You realize they won't get anything of consequence for him, right? He's gonna be 37 on Opening Day, and he'll be coming off wrist surgery.

IMO, he's more valuable on the roster than in a trade.
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