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The roster is kind of a mess. I'm in favor of a youth movement, as the core is old and not really that good to begin with.

Line up
C - Flowers/vet back up (Paying an old AJ isn't the right move)
1 - Dunn (trade PK for salary dump. Moving Dunn isn't realistic)
2 - Beckham (September was encouraging. His defense is overrated, yet very good)
SS - Ramirez (IF defense is key for a young staff)
3 - Ouch. I really don't know. Sanchez?
LF - De Aza (give the youth some time to catch up)
CF - Thompson or Walker (neither is ready, but their upside is worth the risk IMO)
RF - Viciedo (capitalize on Rios' resurgence. Try to get value)
DH - dreaded rotating DH to maximize match ups

De Aza

God, that line up is awfully RH'd

Starting staff - This is a tough one. They have 5 good starters, but the problem is they'll have 4 lefties.

1 - Sale
2 - Danks
3 - Floyd
4 - Quintana
5 - Santiago

Pen - Build around the kids.

Reed (I still believe in his FB. His slider needs more tilt. He might just be worn out)
Jones (great stuff, needs experience)
Veal (All purpose, nasty lefty)
Thornton (Probably can't get value anyway. Slider looks better at least)

Obviously there are still some roster spots to fill, but this is the core. I'm not naive enough to think this team will be good, it won't. There are still too many guys that don't walk enough and K way, way too much. However, they'll have pop and be very good defensively. They'll be fairly young and exciting. It'll bide time until a very underrated farm develops. Of Thompson, Walker, Mitchell, Barnum and Hawkins, you have a lot of upside and possibly star potential.


Continue to carry over the new draft philosophy. Use early picks to draft high upside athletes. Use the latter picks to draft high floor baseball players.


I'd focus on re-branding to attract a younger crowd. The Sox have a good core of fans, but need to work on a new generation. I'd reduce prices while emphasizing the ballpark experience. They need to advertise tailgating more and have drastically lower ticket prices. They'll take an initial hit, but it's better for the long haul. The park's nice. The amenities are nice. Sell it. Partner with some South Loop establishments for post/pre game entertainment. The park's fun. Try to build a culture around it. If Bridgeport won't embrace it, the South Loop will. Let people know they're a couple train stops away from nightlife.

Lose Hawk and get some knowledgeable, young talent in the booth. The game's changing and the younger crowd is stat crazy. Cater to them a little.

Thankfully for you guys, I'm not in the Sox front office.

Originally Posted by shoota
I'm not counting this homerun or his 3 RBI from today's game because of the game situation. I'm not counting his pinch hit solo homerun in a blowout win in Colorado. In my book, Crede has 2 less home runs than his statistics show, 4 less RBI, and one less walk (the one where he pinch hit for Uribe after coming in with a 3-0 count and taking one pitch).
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