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Originally Posted by doublem23 View Post
What a crock of ****. The Sox need to go on an extended run like the '90s Indians or '00 Twins? Well then we're ****ed, because the reason you can name those teams so easily off the top of your head is that IT DOESN'T HAPPEN THAT OFTEN. I'm not saying the Sox aren't to take some blame for the attendance issues (though, as previously noted, I'm not entirely sure this isn't their plan all along anyway), but there's also a hefty amount of responsibility on the fanbase. For years, it's been the same old same old bull****, Oh, we don't come out if the team's not winning... Guess what? The Sox spent most of the season in 1st place, had the 3rd best record in the AL as late as the middle of August, and people still didn't bother to show up. So whatever the problem is, that's not it.
The Sox do a poor job marketing the team out of Chicago even though all 162 games are on TV downstate. . Half the people that go to Cardinals and Cubs games are from out of state or downstate. There are not nearly as many coming from downstate and out of state to the Cell , even though it is just as good or better a place to see a game and easy to get too. I'm not sure I buy the overpriced ticket theory because I get tickets for next to nothing on Stubhub.
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