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Originally Posted by doublem23 View Post
No. ****ing. ****. I didn't post that the Sox have Sale and Quintana, so we're good with the rotation guys, I'm sure they can each handle 81 starts next year. What I posted was that the Sox's biggest area of need for young, impact players is in the field. With Sale and Quintana that arguably gives the Sox one of the best young 1-2 punch in baseball right now (though, admittedly, most of that rests on Sale who pitched like a legitimate Cy Young candidate for most of the year). There is absolutely nothing of value in the field right now, other than Dayan's in the couple of weeks a year he gets hot and Gordon so long as you don't watch him bat. That's where the Sox need young players.
My opinion here is that you hold Quintana in too high of regard, I think he is still a bit of a question mark but I don't think he is the kind of guy you can pencil down as a legitimate number two guy yet. He certainly could become that but I think it would be unwise for the White Sox to pencil him as a number two guy for the whole season IF they intend to contend next year. If they want to develop guys and see what they got, then why not.

Go Sox!!!
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