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Originally Posted by doublem23 View Post
What a crock of ****. The Sox need to go on an extended run like the '90s Indians or '00 Twins? Well then we're ****ed, because the reason you can name those teams so easily off the top of your head is that IT DOESN'T HAPPEN THAT OFTEN. I'm not saying the Sox aren't to take some blame for the attendance issues (though, as previously noted, I'm not entirely sure this isn't their plan all along anyway), but there's also a hefty amount of responsibility on the fanbase. For years, it's been the same old same old bull****, Oh, we don't come out if the team's not winning... Guess what? The Sox spent most of the season in 1st place, had the 3rd best record in the AL as late as the middle of August, and people still didn't bother to show up. So whatever the problem is, that's not it.
A big part of the problem with attendance issues this year is that in today's ticket market you don't get a lot of help from walk up sales. It's all about advance ticket sales and when you look at where the expectations for this team were in April it stands to reason that the advance tickets sales would be low. Those low expectations coupled with the fact that the White Sox have the fourth highest ticket price in baseball hurt the Sox tremendously. Then when the Sox were winning they did little to reduce ticket prices or come up with some other incentive to bring fans to the ball park, when they did have those incentives it was announced once on Twitter and that was it. In a series against the Blue Jays they had a $5 upper deck ticket promotion that was announced maybe twice on Twitter (I knew about it because I read it here) and sure enough the upper deck was largely filled. They never revisited that though. Another thing to look at this year was the advertising, there were no advertisements on TV that predominately featured the players (other than still stock photos as witnessed by baby Henry). Compare that to the last time the White Sox made the playoffs in 2008, that year the White Sox were filming commercials featuring players and the mayor of Chicago. I think having the same four ads running all season long (much like last year) hurt this team as well.

Finally, if you had read the post I said that a run like the Tigers are having of late would help the Sox immensely too. If you think that it is too much to ask for a franchise to have back to back playoff appearances than I guess we will have to agree to disagree but off the top of my head in the past ten years I can think of at least nine teams that have made the playoffs in back to back years and of those nine five teams have made it to the playoffs three times in the last five years, so what I am asking is not as rare as you would have it seem, but for this franchise it is evidently too much to ask.

Go Sox!!!
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