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Originally Posted by Domeshot17 View Post
I know they had a nice stretch in first place, but had the Tigers ever really tried, they would have buried us long ago. Most fans knew this and it was hard to really believe in this team. Even with getting Youk, Brett Meyers, these are not moves that fire up the fans.
Bull. It goes hand-in-hand with thinking the Sox overachieved, but both are false. Basically, people don't want to admit they were wrong about the Sox being bad and wrong about the Tigers being really good. The Tigers "tried" the entire year. They weren't a great team by any means. They are far-and-away the worst defensive team in baseball. They have flaws. And the Sox, even with their complete collapse/choke will still finish with with 83-86 wins. So even if Detroit "really tried" for the entire season, The Sox would have still been within distance of the division lead and the wildcards up until about a week ago.

I do agree that there was a large number of miserable bastards who held out because they didn't believe in the team. However, the team was playing good baseball for most of the year until two weeks ago. That's what it's all about. No team is going to win the division every year, but if you can buy a ticket to see exciting, winning baseball, that is pretty much all you can ask for. If they need to have their team's asses kissed by all the preseason experts just to buy in to the product, well, they will wait a long time because the Sox get crapped on even when they're good.

I would love to see the Sox sign David Wright, but someone will pay WAY too much for him. Besides, that isn't a move which would bring people to the park. I mean, he's a really good player, he's young and good looking, so he has marketability. However, there are only a handful of players in baseball which would make people buy tickets. Devout baseball fans know who David Wright is, but the average guy who casually follows the Sox and sometimes goes to games doesn't. Pujols, Mauer, Verlander, A-Roid and Jeter would potentially sell tickets, but not David Wright. What would create buzz? I don't know. It seems like this year was some sort of turning point, where the fanbase decided it was through with the team or something. Outside of 2009 Yankees free agency binge or winning a world series the year before, I don't think this team will generate enough buzz to get a big spike in attendance.

I also agree that Brooks has overstayed his welcome. He seemed like such a breathe of fresh air when he came. Everything he did struck gold the first year and a half. Since then, it's been pretty much just failure and he seems out of touch. I think McDonough could work wonders here, but I don't know if management would give him the level of control he would desire.
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