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Originally Posted by JB98 View Post
Maybe not, but I think the Sox should try. All it takes is one GM who thinks 40 HRs and 100 RBIs is worth a $15 million per year investment.
I am appreciative of what Dunn did this year in terms of rebounding from his own personal Purgatory of 2011--yeah, low ba, but w/o his homers, rbis, and walks in the first half the Sox would never have gotten as far as they did (a mixed blessing?).

That said, I'm thinking there need to be some major moves on the South Side--I'd be more than happy if the Sox ate a few million of that $15 million price tag if it meant some good prospects, particularly for the bullpen. At $10-11 million you might be able to find another GM that might be willing to accept an offer.

Also agree with two major points of the original post:

1.) Brooks Boyer needs to either come with a new marketing plan or needs to call it a day. "Stale" would be the right way to describe the feel of the Sox brand at this point.

2.) Farmer and Jackson must be shown the gate (doubt it will ever happen, though). If there's a bump to Sox ratings in recent years I think that's mainly the result of games being on 670 (improved signal strength, particularly in the western burbs) instead of 1000.
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