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With no phenom position players in the minors on the near horizon the Sox are going to have to rebuild with free agents. There are hardly any untouchables on this team, I would keep Rios (only 5 tool player on the team), Sale, Reed, Nate Jones and Quintana. Danks has to stay because who will take a chance with him. PK stays also but as a DH. Viciedo still has an up-side but needs to be more selective and not swing so damn hard, he is still a kid and might figure it out but a guy like TCM never has. I'm not sure about Beckham, great glove but will we ever see 2009 again. Seemed like he had the right field gap figured out that year which always meant a double or even a triple. The way this team hit the last month one wonders if Greg Walker was really the problem.
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