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When you can't even put together back to back winning seasons anymore, when you go to the playoffs one time since 2008 and only three times since the three division format went into play in 1994, with respect, you are going to have issues getting fans out consistently.

Here's all you need to know, they drew almost three million in 2006 after winning the World Series. Coincidence? I don't think so.

And assuming Detroit gets to the playoffs this year, here's some numbers to think about since the new century began in this division:

Playoff appearances:

Sox - three (00,05,08)
Cleve. - two (01,07)
Minn. - six (02,03,04,06,09,10)
Det. - three (06,11,12)

If you go back to the start of the three divisional format the numbers are even worse for the Sox compared to the other clubs in the division.

There's something wrong when smaller market teams like Cleveland and Minnesota figure out how to dominate the division but the Sox can't and haven't even come close to doing so.

I write this simply to say it wouldn't be wise to dismiss the on field performance as a big reason for the Sox attendance issues.

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