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Originally Posted by Domeshot17 View Post

But the Sox lack a hitter who can carry the team. I would consider a run at David Wright personally.

Its also the type of move that can fire up a fan base. The reason the fans did not come out was there was not much to ever be that excited about. I know they had a nice stretch in first place, but had the Tigers ever really tried, they would have buried us long ago. Most fans knew this and it was hard to really believe in this team. Even with getting Youk, Brett Meyers, these are not moves that fire up the fans.
If this is true, I think the fan base problems are much deeper. The White Sox were in first place and featured a stud starting pitcher when they acquired Youk. Having watched his impact in Boston for many years, he was a very popular blue collar player. Youk jerseys are everywhere. Now he arrives in Chicago and goes on a tear. If that diid not attract an immediate boost in ticket sales, especially since the team was playing well, then adding a David Wright under a rebuilding scenario is not the answer.

I think the White Sox medical staff need to figure out Youk's current health situation. This is not the same Youk that played in Boston. But if his decline is an injury problem that could be taken care of, maybe he is a player the White Sox retain especially if you can unload Dunn to an NL team. He did show the ability to do a decent job at 1st base. Maybe the Mets could be convinced to take him and sell him as a gate attraction.
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