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Originally Posted by tebman View Post
No doubt about it (to quote Frank Thomas). The Sox need bold moves to get out of their malaise. The baseball team obviously has to be the first priority and maybe the movement of Rick Hahn into the GM chair will make a difference; at least we can hope so. I think letting A.J. walk would be a mistake, but I'd say let the other free agents go. Maybe the Yankees would be interested in Dunn. Maybe Boston would be interested in Floyd. Neither team is averse to big contracts. I'm thinking out loud here.

The Sox don't have a buzz that gets people excited. Those of us who are deep-rooted fans will always be around but the Sox also have to compete for attention from casual fans and the generally curious.

Dan McGrath wrote a piece in the Sun-Times a couple of weeks ago suggesting that the Sox hire John McDonough away from the Blackhawks. His argument is that McDonough is very good at what he does (Cubs, Hawks) and he's a legitimate Sox fan to boot. I don't know if he's the answer or not, but it's that kind of thinking the Sox need.

Despite their comically bad record the Cubs successfully occupied a position that puts them, or more specifically their ballpark, in the center of a young-adult Neverland of good times and recreational comfort. They don't deserve it, of course, but life ain't fair. The Sox need to create their own buzz and it has to be a combination of good baseball and an unapologetic identity. It'll take time but I really think it can be done.
I agree with this post, especially the part about life not being fair. I am also hopeful that the Sox can create this identify of which you speak. And we both know from experience that winning cures all ills.
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