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Originally Posted by mahagga73 View Post
whatever, you keep on believing your nonsense and think you are smarter than everybody.Fact is fact, the Sox blew it once again. Even your brain cell cannot deny that.
Find me the post where I denied that the Sox blew it. I've stated multiple times on this board that the Sox choked. You can check my posting record if you don't believe me.

This has nothing to do with "being satisfied" with second place, or being a "blind homer," or any of these other accusations.

The fact of the matter is, this whole "the Sox weren't fired up enough to play bad teams" argument is ridiculous on its face. I find it hysterical somebody would assert the Sox lost to Cleveland this week because "they thought they could just show up and win."

I would argue the Sox lost two games to Cleveland because they had two starting pitchers get knocked out early in the game, which has been a common theme down the stretch. You're not going to win many games against anybody when your starting pitcher can't make it through the fifth inning. No amount of heart and balls is going to overcome bad starting pitching. I'm sorry. But that's how it is.
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