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Originally Posted by doublem23 View Post
Are you not literate? Please point to where either me or my buddie [sic] are arguing the Sox didn't choke. We're only arguing what the reasons behind that choke was and how the team can move forward in the future. Saying "oh well, bla bla bla, I knew the Sox were doomed when they lost 2 of 3 to Houston because HOW COULD A TEAM BE EXPECTED TO MAKE THE PLAY-OFFS WHEN THEY LOSE GAMES TO BAD TEAMS????" is pure and UTTER bull**** because AGAIN - THE SOX PLAYED BAD TEAMS BETTER THAN THE TIGERS DID THIS YEAR. That's the only argument. The Sox's problem wasn't that they didn't have "killer instinct" or "Chicago tough man balls" or "adult diapers to prevent pants pissing and/or bed crapping." The problem was they just weren't good enough in many aspects of the game. The hitters slumped. The pitchers wore out. The manager made some pretty whacky decisions these last couple of weeks." Blame it on **** that actually happened, not made up fairytale nonsense that doesn't mesh with this thing that I like to call "reality" (for more reading, click here) just so you can go back and link to some post from 3 months ago and declare yourself the Prophet of Pants Pissing. A) Nobody cares and B) even fewer people care when your arguments are D-E-D wrong.
You are putting lipstick on a pig. You can try and insult my intelligence all you want for your ridiculous argument if it makes you feel better. Reality is this, White Sox hitting golf courses, Tigers in playoffs. It had nothing to do with burnout, running out of gas, experience, whatever. They should have won that division with cushion to spare. Your excuses are BS. You are making excuses for the choke job.
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