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Originally Posted by mahagga73 View Post
so what, THEY CHOKED...AGAIN. If that is your version of success have at it. Being bridesmaid or second best, you sound like a Cub fan.
Yeah, we all know they choked but that basically happened over what? The last 1/2 of September? Where the **** was everybody for the previous, I don't know, 100 days when they weren't choking?

I don't want this to turn into another attendance thread, I understand there are plenty of reasons for people to go and not go to the games, that's all fine, but don't give me this crap that the Sox just need to "put a team on the field people want to root for" and people will just start magically showing up. They did it this year and the Sox had their worst season at the gate since 2004. Obviously whatever is not working is not related to the team's performance, since the Sox gave their fans a team that was in 1st place for the majority of the season and people still couldn't be bothered to show the **** up. We all like to pat ourselves on the back that Sox fans "don't support mediocrity" but will come out for a winner. Maybe not.

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