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Originally Posted by hawkjt View Post
This last two weeks have been so brutal, the good Lord himself in the booth could not make it fun.
Nobody could have made the last two weeks fun, but a major-market announcer has to bring something to the broadcast other than silence and angry pouting.

What I would have liked to hear from the announcers the past couple weeks is some insight and analysis on what's gone wrong with the team. Are the players taking a different approach than they did earlier in the season? Are opposing pitchers doing something different? Is it mental? Did the team just run out of gas?

The announcers have unusual access to the players and coaches -- they fly on the team plane, they can get into the lockerroom and onto the field before games, and as ex-athletes themselves, they should have a lot of insider knowledge of the game. Yet I haven't heard much analysis from the announcers that goes beyond the obvious stuff that I can see myself.