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Originally Posted by TomBradley72 View Post
In looking at the status of this team and overall organization as we close out a disappointing 2012- to what degree do you think it's time for a significant overhaul across the board (not just on the playing field)?
  1. Major league roster- expensive free agent contracts looming for Peavy, Youkilis and AJ (without any real help in the farm system to replace them)- and saddled with Adam Dunn for another 2 years.
  2. Farm System- some good talent that helped the 2012 team (young pitching especially)- but I don't see alot of guys that could potentially help in 2013 where we need the help.
  3. Marketing- After a strong start- I think Brooks Boyer is running out of gas- if you can't draw 2 million when you spend most of the season you're in 1st place and the cross town team is losing 100 games- I think marketing is accountable. "Dynamic pricing", worn out promotions like Mullett Night, etc., mediocre TV and newspaper advertising, etc.- they seem to really have lost their way in this area.
  4. TV & Radio Announcers- IMHO Farmer & DJ are unlistenable- I only listen when I need a score- but I used to like having the radio on in the background while doing other things during the season- but not with these 2- I think both should be dumped. On the TV side- I'm more of a Hawk fan than most- but he showed a noticable decline this season, and the chemistry just isn't there with Stone.
I think this team needs some bold, offseason changes to get back on track- but there's no real evidence that JR has the inclination or the ability to execute aggressive changes quickly.
No doubt about it (to quote Frank Thomas). The Sox need bold moves to get out of their malaise. The baseball team obviously has to be the first priority and maybe the movement of Rick Hahn into the GM chair will make a difference; at least we can hope so. I think letting A.J. walk would be a mistake, but I'd say let the other free agents go. Maybe the Yankees would be interested in Dunn. Maybe Boston would be interested in Floyd. Neither team is averse to big contracts. I'm thinking out loud here.

The Sox don't have a buzz that gets people excited. Those of us who are deep-rooted fans will always be around but the Sox also have to compete for attention from casual fans and the generally curious.

Dan McGrath wrote a piece in the Sun-Times a couple of weeks ago suggesting that the Sox hire John McDonough away from the Blackhawks. His argument is that McDonough is very good at what he does (Cubs, Hawks) and he's a legitimate Sox fan to boot. I don't know if he's the answer or not, but it's that kind of thinking the Sox need.

Despite their comically bad record the Cubs successfully occupied a position that puts them, or more specifically their ballpark, in the center of a young-adult Neverland of good times and recreational comfort. They don't deserve it, of course, but life ain't fair. The Sox need to create their own buzz and it has to be a combination of good baseball and an unapologetic identity. It'll take time but I really think it can be done.
- tebman
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