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Originally Posted by lpneck View Post
The deal with Hawk is simple: (and generally I like him, but he does do some things that make me cringe...)

When the Sox are winning, he typically makes it more fun.
When the Sox are losing, he typically makes it even worse.

The issue is on everyone's mind because the last 2 weeks have been so awful.

I can't staaaaaaaand Vin Sc.... zzzzzzzzzzzzz

Nailed it. If the Sox were rolling to a division title right now...all good!

I like both Hawk and Stone,so would not like to see Stone leave.
This last two weeks have been so brutal, the good Lord himself in the booth could not make it fun.
I agree somewhat that Hawk might be getting a bit too old to handle the disappointment gracefully,and the last few broadcasts have seemed very,very quiet. But, being Sox fans,we feel the same,right?