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Originally Posted by JB98 View Post
Congratulations on predicting failure for the Sox. Would you like a cookie? It can be arranged, if you like.

The fact of the matter is losing home series against the Cubs, Astros and Royals was NOT an indicator that the Sox weren't going to win the division. You know what? Detroit has lost a home series against "bodybags" like the Indians and the Twins within the last month. Hell, just last Sunday the Tigers got swept AT HOME in a doubleheader by Minnesota. They are still going to win the division despite sucking against inferior teams. They actually have THE SAME NUMBER of losses against KC, MIN and CLE as the Sox.

I didn't see anybody here predicting World Series grandeur. But people who hoped and expected to win the division were hardly out of line. Shame on you for coming on here and saying "I told you so" at a time where most Sox fans are really down after what has happened over the last two weeks.
Congrats to you on being Mr. Sunshine blind optimistic also. I agree with everything he said, and we both have recent history to back it up . You ,my friend ,can continue to be happy with just getting close, a lot of us on the other hand would like to see an occassional playoff series, you know, like good teams do. Every year it's the same song repeated over and over, this year was later because of Tiger incompetence they couldn't take advantage of . Am maybe looking forward to KW and his repeating .500 record stepping down and seeing what Hahn can do, there needs to be a new direction, this team has not had the look of a WS contender in many years.
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