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Everyone has different tastes is suppose and mine lean in the direction of Hawk retiring .. i didn't listen to Steve Stone during his cub years very much just because i don't watch cub games that often, but i did hear him quite a bit when he worked for espn .. he was a totally different guy .. animated .. talkative .. joking .. full of baseball insight .. it was that insight that first drew my attention to him .. when he came here he just changed like someone threw a switch and i know it's because he shares the booth with hawk .. i was at a loss to understand why he signed that contract,knowing full well what he was getting into, but i guess that maybe he thought that if he could work with Harry then he could work with Hawk .. Hawk just isn't the kind of pbp guy that anyone can have a running conversational type broadcast with .. he tells the stories and who ever is next to him has to agree and also i think that people forget how he used to bully Wimpy all the time .. they weren't always buddy buddy like they are now .. i have always loved Hawk because he lived and died with each pitch the same as me, and because i'm of the same age bracket,but he has really gone downhill the last few years and often i will listen to the other teams feed just to get away from him .. i would love if he retired and a polished,intelligent and articulate pbp man would be brought in, maybe even letting Stone have a say on the replacement .. i feel a bit like a traitor talking against Hawk like this,but enough is enough .. on the radio side, it is what it is .. i would love to have Dave Wills on the radio side doing pbp and keep Farmer or DJ as color guy, but how is that ever going to happen when he has a pretty good setup in florida ..
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