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Originally Posted by Jollyroger2 View Post
That's great Detroit has lost to bodybags too...unfortunately they've balanced it out by kicking the Sox's butt. I also recall numerous posts on how it didn't matter that the Sox got swept in back to back trips to Detroit...cause they'd win the other games...or they'd "get the Tigers at home"....yep that worked out real well too.

I'm down too...have been down for some time. I just wasn't blinded by homerism for so long like many here.

And yes, despite your denials, their losses to weaker teams are a huge indicator. They thought they could just show up and win, even against Cleveland this week. A hard lesson learned for all.
Bull****. Your argument was bull**** six weeks ago. It remains bull**** today. This whole idea that the Sox needed to "get more fired up" to play second-division teams is ridiculous on its face. More emotion! GRRRRR! Let's all crack helmets and try harder! GRRRRRR!!! If anything, the Sox got themselves in trouble against Cleveland this week by trying too hard. All those big swings they took didn't work out too well, did they?

The only valid point you've made is that Detroit kicked the Sox's butt in head-to-head play. That was the biggest factor in deciding the division. The Tigers are 8-10 against Cleveland. I guess they thought they could just show up and win.

Zach Stewart isn't on this team anymore. I'm sorry he sucks. I'm sorry he got bombed against the Cubs on June 18. Phil Humber hasn't pitched a meaningful inning in over a month. I'm sorry he sucks. I'm sorry he got bombed against the Astros on June 10. I'm sorry your ass is still sore about those losses three months after the fact. But the fact remains the Sox lost those games because they trotted out lousy starting pitchers, not because of some perceived "lack of desire."

If we really want to lament losses that happened months ago, let's talk about this game or this game or this game or this game. All were games the Sox had in the bag and let get away for one reason or another. Two of the four losses there are to the Tigers, and those are looking pretty big right now, no? I'm not going to lament losses that involved starting pitchers getting bombed, because every team has those days, and some of those losses are inevitably against poor competition. That's baseball, and the Sox don't have any more bad losses than the Tigers do.

I don't think we have too many posters here who are "blinded by homerism." I think most posters here live in reality. You didn't get any sympathy for your "venting" because your point made no sense to a good majority of us. Even today, knowing the Sox are not going to the playoffs, it is still nonsensical to me.

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