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Hawk needs to go, period. And no, I won't miss him. I don't care if he is a homer. All local announcers in all sports are homers in some way. Hell, Wayne Larrivere was a life time Packers fan. And yet, he pretended to be a Bears fan for 13 seasons. Why? Because, the Bears signed his pay checks.

It's quite obvious Stone and Hawk aren't going to work anymore. Both men have giant egos. In Hawks case, he has to be the show and will only work with yes men. And, if you question him, how dare you! But, it's time to re-brand. Both the TV and radio broadcasts are unbearable and almost embarassing sometimes. I will fully admit I didn't quite go down with the ship. Why? Part of it was because I don't know what would be worse, the broadcasts or the play itself.