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Originally Posted by Jollyroger2 View Post
I've been at acceptance for a long time, could see this coming. As they dropped game after game not only Detroit but also trash like KC, I would vent in places like this and all people would say would be "Hey we're still in first place in September!!" or "But we have the 3rd best record against weak teams" or some other nonsense.

This team's issues are mental and lack of desire. They can beat up on quality teams like NY and Texas and others but can't win home series against bodybags like the Cubs, Astros, Royals, Indians etc.

This franchise got their ring in 05 and management and many fans have been satisfied with that for far too long. I can't stand failure and mediocrity though.
Congratulations on predicting failure for the Sox. Would you like a cookie? It can be arranged, if you like.

The fact of the matter is losing home series against the Cubs, Astros and Royals was NOT an indicator that the Sox weren't going to win the division. You know what? Detroit has lost a home series against "bodybags" like the Indians and the Twins within the last month. Hell, just last Sunday the Tigers got swept AT HOME in a doubleheader by Minnesota. They are still going to win the division despite sucking against inferior teams. They actually have THE SAME NUMBER of losses against KC, MIN and CLE as the Sox.

I didn't see anybody here predicting World Series grandeur. But people who hoped and expected to win the division were hardly out of line. Shame on you for coming on here and saying "I told you so" at a time where most Sox fans are really down after what has happened over the last two weeks.
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