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Originally Posted by cub killer View Post
You're wrong, the World Series Champion is the best, even if they qualify for the playoffs from a crap division, winning only 70 games. The regular season just separates the playoff teams from the rest, the playoffs are what determines who is the very best.

A 7 game series does overrule the 162 game regular season. Everything is much more magnified in the playoffs, every pitch and every play count for a hell of a lot more. If the top championship was awarded to whoever had the best record at the end of the regular season, you'd see a big difference in results. Teams know if they have leeway, and thus their reg season record isn't necessarily reflective of their worth. It's only reflective of whether they were better than non-playoff teams from their division. The ultimate test of supremacy is in the playoffs. That's what makes the playoffs so epic, because we know that everything is on the line.

So yeah, the 06 Cards were the best. The Mets had their chance to prove they were better than the Cards, but they failed. It's all about the playoffs, regular season records go out the window when the postseason begins. This is common knowledge. You don't combine regular and postseason records at the end, then decide who is best. The slate is clean when October comes. Then only the very best, the team that had the mettle, will raise that Commisioner's Trophy.

And it's never because of luck. It's because the team was damn good enough. Even in Don Denkinger instances, bad calls happen to everyone.
I agree, the World Series champion is the best team in baseball for that year period.
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