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Default Will Stone return to the booth in '13?

Talking with Boers and Bernstein last week, Stone seemed unenthusiastic about returning to the TV booth next year. He's under contract until 2014, but when asked directly if he'll be back next year, he said the travel is getting harder and said, "we'll have to see what happens." Also, in a not-too-thinly-veiled criticism of Hawk, he talked about how much he enjoyed the "conversational" broadcast with Mike Huff on the night Hawk was sick.

Comments are at 16:07 on this link.

I'd miss Stone if he decides to leave, but I hope the Sox would take the opportunity to refresh both the TV and radio crews and bring in some major-market quality talent. (Please, no more ex-players without broadcast experience, no matter how loyal they've been to the team.) Listening to John Rooney call the Sox-Tigers Sunday night game on ESPN radio a couple weeks ago brought back a lot of good memories.