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Originally Posted by Lip Man 1 View Post

I'm sorry I can't agree with your comment. Fan loyalty isn't based on the number of times seeing a game in person. Else how do you explain Sox TV ratings up 10% this year over last season.

There is simply, in my opinion, a FUNDAMENTAL DISCONNECT between the Sox marketing / ticket plan(s) and the fan base.

Not saying the Sox method is wrong, they obviously think it's the right thing to do and it very well may be, but the fans don't and that crucial.

There's also no one reason why things are heading's all connected...the team's second half fades since 2003, the economy, ticket prices overall, the dynamic pricing all plays a part.

Lip - You've hit on the MAJOR dynamic regarding attendance, and that is the overall economy. Far too many people are out of work, and the one's working are insecure about their employment future. Going to a baseball game, for all but the most rabid, is nothing more than a luxury.

Baseball got themselves into this mess by running their costs up to a point where they now have to sell tickets at premium pricing in order to make their ends meet. Fifty years ago (or even during the Great Depression if you want to look at a comparable economic situation), the cost of going to a baseball game (ticket only) was comparable to going to a movie. Now it's not even close.

That all being said, the single biggest marketing impact a team has is its broadcasts. For years the White Sox have lagged the Cubs in attendance - even with a World Series victory within recent memory. Forget the stupid commercials, a thirty second spot does not compare even remotely to a three hour broadcast. Stone is a pro, but doesn't inspire anybody. Harrelson is about as stale as a month old loaf of bread. I can't fathom how ownership doesn't see this - It's time for a new face and voice of the team. Stone's fine as a color guy, but Harrelson has absolutely got to be put out to pasture.

While the small crowds during the midst of a divisional run are due primarily to a rotten economy, this organization does not help itself by keeping Harrelson front and center.

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