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Originally Posted by KyWhiSoxFan View Post
Konerko in the 4-hole past May was about as frustrating for me. I don't buy the excuse that Dunn was hitting in front of him. He had some huge at bats the past 30 days with runners in scoring position with less than 2 outs. I don't remember him coming through once when it was meaningful.
I still say something's hurting him.His arm,knee,back,whatever.But the Paul Konerko we have seen for the past 8 weeks or so is NOT the Konerko we saw that was hitting nearly .400 early on. I don't expect Konerko to put up monster power numbers,but 72 RBI's in September?!?!? You can't tell me he's not hurting.Just like everyone else in baseball at this time of year.
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