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While it's apparent that nobody is happy with the way this is wrapping up, I wouldn't be so quick to call them "chokes" or "quitters". Injuries hit them as well.

I know all teams suffer through injuries as the year rolls on, but Danks going down for the year was murderous. Add to it the mysterious fall of Humber and you realize 40% of your starting rotation was put on a shelf early in the year.

I'm not saying Danks and Humber would have helped the mediocre offense over these past couple of weeks, but if these two were pitching every turn I don't think the race woul have even been that close. The bullpen looks completly gassed at this point. The offense has been inconsistent the entire year, so while this prolonged slump sucks due to its timing - it's not a complete surprise.

If you look back before Opening Day, a lot of people were saying this team would lose 90-100 games - they didn't and will finish above .500 - the reason we all had a bit of hope is due to Detroit completely underacheiving all year. Personally I thought the White Sox would be around .500, but I thought Detroit was going to win about 105 games this year. I never expected this thing to even be close.

Assuming the Tigers win one more game, it's time to start thinking about the offseason. I for one would like to see a major change in the broadcast booth.

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