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Originally Posted by Dan H View Post
Not only being flawed, but lacking an identity. Because of the cost of contracts to Peavy, Rios, and Dunn, and their bad years in 2011, the Sox had little flexibility in the off season. It was hard to tell of Williams felt he could go for it or rebuild. Many baseball experts looked at this team at the beginning of the season and were confused. No one knew what to expect out of these players and they didn't know what Williams was attempting to do. Many fans felt the same confusion.

In the end it was a comibination of older and younger players but not a good comibination. In the end the team fell apart.
It was a roster that was built to go for about 140 games. All their offensive production was coming from guys in their thirties and because we have no farm system to speak of there was no one on the bench who could do an even adequate job of replacing our main guys for even a day or two down the stretch which meant we had to ride guys like AJ, Konerko, Dunn, Youkilis and Rios pretty hard and I think the wear and tear started to show up a lot more for us. The Tigers had to ride their guys hard too but their median age was 27, our median age was 30 and two of our best offensive players were over 35. We just wore down offensively and we were counting on two starting pitchers who had never thrown over 160 innings in professional baseball before.

Go Sox!!!
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