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Originally Posted by wassagstdu View Post
Huh? I disagree with all of this. Unless you mean to suggest that if the organization would price their product appropriately all would be well. Or if they would spend the kind of money they are spending on Dunn, Rios, and Peavy all would be well? Nobody is content with mediocrity. They (KW) just don't know how to do any better.
I think that ownership is content with mediocrity. Kenny is a mediocre GM and the fact that ownership is willing to stick with him despite of this continued mediocrity and poor talent evaluation suggests to me that they are content with him. Kenny had a fantastic year in 2005 but the teams he has produced (both with Ozzie and Jerry Manuel as managers) have been mediocre. Overwhelmingly mediocre. I think any other organization would have noticed this and moved on from him a while ago.

If ownership wanted changes in the performance on the field and in the way the teams are constructed they could have fired Kenny awhile ago and brought in a better evaluator of talent and allocated more resources to the farm system so you don't have a lineup full of guys in their mid to late 30s and a bench reliant upon guys like Dewayne Wise and Jose Lopez. The fact that they haven't fired Kenny or allocated more resources to the farm system suggest to me that they are totally content with Kenny's approach of trying to find some sort of lightening in a bottle.

I have little doubt that Kenny is not content with mediocrity but I am not sure he can do much better than that, that is a problem with the ownership allowing him to continue, not with Kenny.

Go Sox!!!
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