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Originally Posted by Domeshot17 View Post
The problem is not Dunn, The bigger problem is Konerko. You need 2 things from your 3-4-5, hits (preferably HR) and RBIs. Station to Station baseball is not the result of the heart of your order, its the result of lack of talent surrounding it. This year, we had poor offensive production from 3b, 2b, LF, and only average production from SS, CF and 1b.

when 2/3 of your lineup is Average at best, you are screwed.
I think the problem with Dunn is that you need to surround him with fairly good hitters in order to live with that .205 average, when you have a lineup full of .250 hitters that .205 average and all those strikeouts become very glaring.

Go Sox!!!
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