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Originally Posted by Frater Perdurabo View Post
Robin has "over managed" his bullpen only lately, as starters haven't gone as deep, as innings for Jones, Crain and Thornton have piled up, and as Robin had thus had to turn increasingly to recent callups to get through games. Keep in mind also that due to multiple injuries, the desire to protect the youngsters, and general ineffectiveness, Robin and Coop have had to juggle.

This isn't like 2005, where Ozzie had five veteran workhorses he rode, plus a rookie - McCarthy - that he could plug in where needed.

If you're going to grade Robin on his pitching moves, he needs to be graded on the curve.
Totally agree. Robin managed the bullpen better when his starters were going 6 and 7 innings rather than 3 and 4 innings! It's the weaing down/ineffectiveness of the starters (Sale yesterday; Lirianao and Quintana regularly) that has contributed to the use of the Triple A guys. Who was he supposed to bring in to the game in the 4th? Crain? Thornton? His only options yesterday were Humber or the Triple A guys. I agree that the higher number of pitching changes in the 7th and 8th innings are curious, but I attribute some of that to the effectiveness of Veal and Robin wanting Veal to get one (and seemingly only one) left handed hitter out per game -- something Will Ohman couldn't due during the first half of the season.
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