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Wise isn't a problem in the sense that he doesn't insert himself in the lineup. People accurately point out he's good in limited situations - but our managers (both Ventura and Guillen) refused to limit his use to those limited situations. I'll be kind and say that the managers, when looking at the bench, think to themselves "well at least he's capable of getting on hot streaks", and looking for the positive, ignore the horrendous hitting that is his norm, so they insert him into the lineup.
And this entire season, lack of anyone who could hit lick on the bench was a glaring issue. Unfortunately, Wise isn't a legitimate solution to that. But thankfully, he did have his hot streak while on the Sox and while De Aza was hurt.
In fact, the only decent bench player we had all season was Escobar, and we dumped him with others for Liriano.
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