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Im ny opinion the biggest problem for the Sox as far as attendance is their alarming tendency to choke away first place after the All-Star break. Since 2006, it seems like more years than not they are hovering in contention or in first late in the year and then ....epic fail. This year's was later than most because the Tigers were playing way below their talent level all year. It is now no longer just a thing, it is a trend that keeps happening. With the deplorable economy in most of Illinois , why would a blue collar guy that is on unemployment ,or working a job at lesser pay than he is qualified ,go to see a team in the cool weather that is playing out the string? Nobody believes in these guys because all they do is choke since the magical 2005 run. It has created a sense of fatalism that I believe keeps fans away. This is now 1 brief playoff appearance since 05. Not good enough by a long shot. After 05 now there is expectations, the WS win is over, and now fans are fed up with the gagging when it counts. If this team is making the playoffs somewhat regularly the fans will come no matter what tickets cost, it has been proven everywhere in sports.

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