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Was in the upper deck for a friend's bachelor party.

1) my nacho helmet was REALLY light on guac, salsa and sour cream.

2) Pretty obvious from the get-go that Sale didn't have it. Showed good strikeout stuff the first couple of innings...

3) my friend's father decided he would root just for a Moore perfect game until it was broken up. Which, you know, din't exactly change the complexion of the game.

3) From section 538, we could clearly see Vasgersian and McCarver in the TV booth with the FOX bunting and it added a level to our banter during the slower moments. We usually satirize Hawk half the game, so it was nice to add some variety yesterday and approximate/lampoon Vasgersian's condescending, overarticulate tones and McCarver's general cluelessness.

4) the four consecutive two-out pinch-hitters, all of whom got on base, capped off by an Orlando Hudson opposite-field grand slam, was one of the weirdest and most hilarious things I've ever seen at a game, besides all the homers by no-power Tampa players. We also had fun trying to figure out how all five PHs would fit into the field--I assume Gimenez has outfield experience in the minors; we were surprised when he ran into right field. We were also slightly disappointed the Hudson didn't run out to 2nd base, thereby forfeiting the DH and completing the hilarity of the Cactus League lineup.

5) I got to boo Luke Scott. Loudly.

6) it's pathetic that my friends and I were able to derive our usual bizarre hilarity from this game, one that, y'know, was supposed to be a ridiculously crucial one.

Going back today with my father as the last game of our 7-game plan. Hey, might see the AL Cy Young winner's last start of the year...hoping to raid the Depot for clearance deals. What else happens for Fan Appreciation Day? I understand the autograph session is off.
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