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Originally Posted by Jurr View Post
If you thought the Sox could make a run into the last week of the season, congrats. I had no such delusions.

As I posted on the Facebook page, I am happy to have been able to get entertainment from the Sox through September. This team overachieved until it ran out of gas.
Originally Posted by Jurr View Post
At the end of the day, you want your team to win it all.
If this squad snuck into the playoffs and was bounced immediately, we would still be disappointed.

As we saw in 2005, you need solid depth along the pitching staff, bullpen, and even far into the bench (Blum, Ozuna) to win it all.

This team was not built for such exploits.

Jurr hit the nail on the head. I'm glad that the team exceeded all expectations, however these past four weeks have been absolutely brutal, and it was hard not to see it coming. You can only say "it's one more game off the schedule" and "Detroit also has their problems" so many times before you see the writing on the wall. "Home Run or Nothing" baseball was not going to cut it, plain and simple.
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