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Originally Posted by tstrike2000 View Post
Watching the last month, in some ways, is like watching the '07 team. The offense can't do anything and after our starter leaves, it's eight AAA garbage pitchers that come in. The only difference is Robin makes more trips to the mound than Joe Mauer.

Why does he keep bringing in inferior AAA pitching and making 18 pitching changes a game? Is it because Robin already conceded the season? Has early onset dimentia set in? Does Don Coooper have blackmail material on the organization and demands to see all our future "young guns?" Is he really just that bad of a manager and the first four months were smoke and mirrors? Is the lack of MLB coaching experience rearing its ugly head?
Sorting out the garbage guys is part of it, I guess. Half gone, couple to AAA, maybe a couple will work out. Ax is not a reliever, lord knows, but I can't ignore those few big starts. Need some warm ones to replace the departed guys in 2013. Hahn will fix everything in no time.
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