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Originally Posted by RadioheadRocks View Post

As far as "bullpen roulette" goes, I couldn't understand why Robin would mostly use Veal to face only one or two hitters, then take him out. If I'm not mistaken, in several of those instances his followup relief ended up costing us the game. I've heard that the reason is that "they're getting him ready for 2013", but in the heat of a pennant race I'm not exactly sure what that has to do with the cost of tomatoes...
This is my only real gripe against Robin, and who knows if it's inexperience or giving Coop too much say on pitching changes.

How can our relievers prepare themselves and have any kind of consistency when they're jerked in and out of the game at whim?

The way almost every other team does it is giving their guys roles. That way they know what know of situation they're going to face. Usually you have a closer, an 8th inning guy, a 7th inning guy who can go the 8th when needed, and a LOOGY - which are used when the team is ahead by a few, the game is tied, or situations when they just need work.The rest of the guys are divided into short and long roles and go in when the team is behind.

I know this was frowned upon here early, along with most other things that Ozzie did, but it makes a difference over a season.
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