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I was unfortunately at the game (can't turn down free tickets in 136, 5 rows off the field), and I let the entire team have it today. They deserve to be booed, and heckled at this point. As someone said, "if they don't care, why should we?" I'm NEVER "that" fan to boo your home team, or say anything negative to the players about their performance, but dammit, I did my part my bringing my ass out to the Cell to support them, to only get **** on every time. They deserve to be ridiculed. Its unacceptable. I once again don't blame anyone for not showing up. Good luck getting fans behind this team for next year. Can't even draw 30,000 on a FOX Saturday midday game in a pennant race on the final homestand of the year. Its not our fault, its the team/organization. So sick of them showing absolutely no heart, no care, and giving almost lethargic effort. Absolutely unacceptable, while once again, Detroit attempts to nearly give us another game to live.

Part of me is glad Detroit won today just so I don't have to care anymore, while the diehard in me is still hoping for a complete, and utter miracle.

Today was the worst time I've ever had a sporting event in my life, and I spent a total of $15 on two dogs and a drink. Absolutely pathetic.

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