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Originally Posted by Frater Perdurabo View Post
If they are not destined to win the division, I hope they lose out. I want KW/Hahn to look at this team objectively, as basically a .500 team, in the middle of the AL, and only marginally competitive because Detroit is flawed.

I want serious attention paid to significant improvements, not cosmetic changes more appropriate for a "near contender."

No more of this "plan for 84 wins and hope to get lucky" crap. I want a team resourced and built to win 100 games and to be the best in the AL.
This organization hasn't been able to take that sort of objective look at the team in a long time, I don't think that they will start now. Maybe Hahn will be different, but I suspect Kenny is still going to have a say and I just don't see that approach changing.

Go Sox!!!