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Originally Posted by LITTLE NELL View Post
It ain't over until it's over.
This was a game which featured the key elements of good baseball: pitching (Floyd bent but did not break, Crain, Veal, & Reed were all good. Thornton will be excused for his walk) offense (Thanks to Youk, Alex, and Alexei for the 3 runs) and defense (making the plays that had to be made). About the only upsetting play was seeing Alex being doubled off from from first in the 8th but without Alex's bat, we don't win last night so I'll excuse Alex for that mental error.

I am enjoying every minute of this pennant race and it's great to see our Sox still battling. Just a few more hours to go until today's game and my heart is already racing. Keep on winning, White Sox!

PS: I forgot to mention earlier how great it was to see Robin smiling and congratulating each player individually as he came back to the dugout after the win last night. Great moments.
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