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Originally Posted by cub killer View Post
They weren't the best during the regular season, but the playoffs supercedes all of that. The Marlins proved themselves better than the Braves both years in the playoffs, and thus ultimately proved they were the best in their division even though they weren't division champs. World Series Champs wipes out division champs by a country mile.
That's absurdly ridiculous. I'm not saying they shouldn't be World Series champions, but there's a distinction between that and best team in baseball. A 7-game series does not automatically overrule a 162-game marathon. The 2006 Cardinals were not the best team in baseball that year, they just happened to win the World Series. It happens sometimes.

I'm not saying the Marlins don't seem to have a knack for getting lucky and winning it all when they occasionally get the chance. But look at their franchise history and they're really more Cubs than Yankees.

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