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Originally Posted by Mr. Jinx View Post
I don't understand how we could have possibly won that game with only 25k at the game today. Without a packed house the Sox couldn't have possibly had the "energy, adrenaline, and focus" needed to ever win a game.

And sorry for the lack of teal, I'm colorblind...
Crowd was absolutely great last night. Again, mostly diehards who were with every pitch. When the Twins first went up on Detroit 2-0, as SOON as they posted the score on the RF board, everyone was going nuts. Reminded me very much of a last weekend game I went to in 2008.

Of course, there was a Wave for about 10 minutes in the 7th inning... But, eh, I was over in 155 basically right behind the LF foul pole and even THAT wasn't so bad, at least by me, seemed like people were up for multitasking. Really, one of the better games I have ever been to. Glad they rewarded us with the win.

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