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Originally Posted by Lip Man 1 View Post
OK folks here is the link to the story, you can also click on and read the entire transcript (the one on the page that comes up is only a partial recap) and listen to the almost five minute story.

Thanks Michael for taking the time to get this to me!

I am sending the link to this thread to Michael and the station he works for so if you have comments on his story or on the Sox attendence situation please post them as I'm sure he and his people will be reading them!

Originally Posted by 16th&State View Post
I was interviewed outside of Grandstand last night on my way to the game. I was mostly asked about attendance 'issues' for the Sox vs the Cubs. They aired a snippet (according to a friend) but it seems they really weren't interested in my 'complicated issue' answer. I'd love a link to your interview Lip and anything else they used in the broadcast!
Thanks for your thoughts. As we WSIers know and has been discussed time and time again, this is a very complicated issue that can't really be fully covered in a 5-minute long news story (though as Lip said, I was surprised how long it was). It seemed fair enough and about as much as you can do in that period of time.
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